Drats! What To Do When You Have Rats

There are a lot of people out there who just don't get scared by rodents. However, a lack of rodent fear doesn't mean that you should let them live in your home unless they are in a cage and a pet. If you see a rat in your house, don't ignore it. Here are some facts on mice that you want to know, so you can see why they need to be eradicated from your home as soon as absolutely possible.

Rats chew everything – That one rat you saw in your house can do a lot of damage to the house. Some of the ways a rat can destroy your home include:

  • It can tear apart insulation in the attic
  • It can chew through carpeting
  • It can chew your drapes
  • It can chew your electrical wiring which means the possibility of a fire
  • It can chew on PVC which means they can even damage your plumbing

Rats can and will bite – While it is true that a rat would rather run from you than to confront you, in the wrong situation, you can end up being bitten. If you can trap the rat that bit you, then it can be tested for rabies. If you can't catch it, then you will need a series of rabies shots. All pets in your home should be vaccinated against rabies. However, if your pet is bitten and you suddenly remember they aren't current on their vaccinations and you can't catch the rat, then your pet must be properly quarantined to make sure they are safe. If they end up with rabies, then your pet will need to be euthanized because there is no cure for rabies once someone or something has it.

Rats like to get in your cupboards – Rats can end up in your cupboards, and you will see they have gone to the bathroom on your clean dishes. This will mean you have a lot of dishes to pull out of your cupboards and rewash. Plus, you will need to do this on a regular basis, until the problem is finally taken care of. Not to mention, the rats will especially love to chew through food product packaging and eat your food. Even your clothing won't be safe, they may decide to go into your dresser drawers and chew apart your clothing for nesting material.

Not every way to get rid of rats are good ways – There are a lot of products to help rid your home of rats. However, they have pros and cons. Traps have the con of needing to check them regularly and disposing of the bodies. Poison granules have the cons of your pets getting poisoned by them. Live traps have the cons of needing you to decide what to do with the rats after you capture them.

Some jobs are best left to the professionals – When you have rats in your home, you can say goodbye to worrying about all of the cons that come with taking care of them by yourself.

For more information, contact your local rodent treatment company today. 

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