Beating Pests When You Have Pets: Why You Need A Doggone Good Purrfessional For The Job

Pests are a serious problem for many homeowners. Depending on the variety of pest, these nasty creatures can damage your home, make you sick, or ruin your stored food. Many homeowners take it upon themselves to tackle any and all problems that arise at home, but if you have pets, you should get professional help with the task. Here's why your faithful friend needs you to hire a professional.

Pets Aren't Pest Solutions

Whether you do this or not, it's worth saying: pets aren't there to solve pest problems. While cats are good little hunters and dogs are excellent at detecting and locating pests, that doesn't mean that anyone should rely on them to eliminate the problem.

Pests can be dangerous for pets. Bugs, rodents, and snakes can all carry diseases that can be transferred to a pet if they bite or eat the pest. Others are also poisonous, which means that a cat or dog trying to take down something like a snake could end up with a nasty injury and a life-threatening case of poisoning. If you're hoping your pet will do the work for you, all it will do is put your pet's life at risk.

Home Solutions Are Dangerous

There are plenty of pest control products on the market that are available to anyone. Bug sprays, mouse traps, rodent poison pellets, and more can be purchased, usually for cheap. Other than their efficacy, the biggest problem with these solutions is that they can also put your pet at risk.

Cats and dogs walk on their bare feet and then clean them with their tongue. Anything they walk through will eventually get into their mouth and thus their body. This is why bug spray can be particularly dangerous for pets. You may have put some down days ago, forgotten about it, and if your cat or dog walks through the residue, they can still get sick from it. Rodent poisons carry the same threat, especially if you have a dog that likes eating first and thinking later.

Traps aren't any better. All it takes is for your cat or dog to accidentally set off the trap and you'll have a pet that's scared, in pain, and possibly in need of a veterinary visit. Even if you put the trap in a place your pet normally can't get to, if they're able to smell a pest and want to get to it, they may get into places you've never seen them before.

Choosing a Pro

The best way to handle a pest problem with pets at home is to hire a pro, but not just any pro will do.

If you want to hire a professional pest control expert, do your research. Find out what they do to protect pets and how they handle the pests themselves.

  • Do they guarantee removal of dead pests that have been poisoned or captured?

  • Is the majority of the work done in parts of the house your pets absolutely can't get into, like a crawl space or attic?

  • What kind of chemicals do they use, and how safe are they for people and pets?

These types of questions will help you to sift out pest experts who aren't using methods that are safe for pets to be around.

Once you've settled on a professional and made an appointment, take extra steps to ensure that your pet never comes in contact with the pest expert or the process they're performing. Even if your pup decides he wants to be friendly and pounces your pest expert's leg, there's a chance for residue to end up on your dog. Try to keep your pets confined to a single room where no treatment is being performed.

Pets need to be protected from pests and from the methods used to beat them. If you're having difficulty with bugs, rodents, or any other kind of pest, contact a pro and let them do the work so that you and your pets will be safe.

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