Top 4 Critters Pest Control Specialists Eliminate Best

Over time it is likely that your home will encounter at least one uninvited guest. Should this occur, it is best not to try and evict the creature on your own. Not only do pest control services have the knowledge and equipment to exterminate a variety of animal species, but they will also do it in a way that is safe for your loved ones and pets. Below is a list of the top four pests that are best left to the experts. 


Whether you find a mouse or house rat in your home, you'll want to call the pest control specialists immediately. These creatures carry an assortment of diseases that can make people in your home very ill. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists lymphocytic choriomeningitis, salmonellosis, and Omsk hemorrhagic fever as being diseases that are transmitted by rodents. 


Termites are tiny insects that are well known for damaging the wooden structure of a home. North Carolina State University reports that a mature termite colony contains as many as 200,000 to 2,000,000 workers. Since spraying around the outside of the home only kills the termites that you can see, you'll need the help of a reputable company that provides pest control services. These experts will be able to implement a "trench and treat" program that will successfully eradicate the insects so that you don't suffer any further damage to your home. 

Bed Bugs

There is a misconception that bed bugs are only found in dirty homes. In fact, these small flat brown bugs can infest any home, apartment, or college dorm. You may be tempted to take your mattress and toss it, however, this will not solve the problem. This is because bed bugs also live in baseboards, furniture, and box springs. Because bed bugs bite and leave behind welts that itch, it is best to call an exterminator as soon as you notice them. A professional will not only know all of the bed bugs hiding spaces, but he or she will be able to eliminate them from your home using either a chemical treatment or a heat treatment using specialized equipment.


Just like rodents, cockroaches have the power to make humans sick. The PennState College of Agricultural Sciences Department of Entomology states that German cockroaches are capable of carrying bacteria and viruses on their bodies. A person who comes into contact with the cockroach may develop dysentery or suffer from food poisoning. Those who have allergy and asthma problems will also be affected, as cockroaches skins and feces provoke allergic responses. An exterminator can create a plan of action to rid your home of the cockroaches, as well as inform you of preventative measures that will keep them from returning in the future. 

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