Bug Off: 8 Pest Control Myths You Should Know This Summer

With summer always just around the corner, it makes sense that you want to pay close attention to the bugs in your yard. This is especially the case with diseases like Zika taking the forefront of the news. Want to keep your home free of pests, including mosquitoes and roaches? Make sure to avoid believing these pest control myths first.

Myth #1: You can eliminate bed bugs with bug bombs.

The truth is that bug bombs are not enough. Bed bugs need more extensive treatment for complete elimination, especially because typical bug bombs will not reach the deep crevices where these insects like to hide.

Myth #2: You can keep mosquitoes away from your yard with a bug zapper.

Bug zappers are actually more likely to kill the insects beneficial to humans than to actually kill mosquitoes that could cause Zika or West Nile virus. Mosquitoes just aren't as attracted to lights as people often think.

Myth #3: You can eliminate ants by pouring boiling water on an ant hill.

Sure, the water will kill ants that the boiling water comes into contact with right away. Unfortunately, the water will not be boiling by the time it reaches the ants you really need to kill - the queens. You are much more likely to burn yourself than most of the ants.

Myth #4: A clean house does not attract bed bugs.

Unfortunately, even the cleanest of homes can attract infestations of bugs. Bed bugs simply want food -- your blood. Thus, they do not care if your home is clean or not.

Myth #5: If you have a cat, you do not need to hire a pest control service.

Domestic pets are not as good at pest control as you might think. They may occasionally catch mice, but only a pest control service can ensure that all those pests leave your home when you want them to.

Myth #6: Your house is more likely to get infested when your neighbor is having their house sprayed.

The spray being used in the neighbor's house is actually killing the pests inside, not sending them away. Just because a home nextdoor is being sprayed does not mean that your house is next on the route.

Still concerned about pests? It might be time to call a pest control service to ensure that your home is devoid of all those bugs that could do harm to your property and health. For more information, contact a business such as A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc.

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