Removing A Honey Bee Hive From Your Preschool's Property

If you run a preschool and one of the children you care for discovered a honey bee hive on your facility's grounds, steps will need to be taken to remove it promptly. Children would be at risk for injury if you ignored the hive. Here are some steps to take in removing the hive efficiently so it is no longer a safety hazard to the children you care for each day.

Plan Alternate Activities For Children Until The Hive Is Removed

It is best to avoid the area where the honey bee hive is located until you can remove it in its entirety. Plan some activities the children can enjoy in other areas of your property or take walking trips in the vicinity of your preschool so they still get outdoor time while you are in the process of the hive removal.

Consider teaching the children some information about bees, allowing them the opportunity to understand why they are not able to go out into the schoolyard at the present time. Make sure to talk about the benefits of honey bees in addition to the risk of stinging!

Head To The Preschool During Early Morning Hours To Spray The Hive

The best time of day to spray a honey bee hive with a bee killing spray is during the early morning hours. At this time the swarm will be nestled inside the hive after a long day of looking for flower nectar. Head to the preschool before the sun comes up to spray the hive. Wear all white clothing, if possible. Wearing bright colors can excite bees as they associate them with floral blooms. Beekeepers wear white clothing as it tends to keep bees calmer. 

Spray the hive from the recommended distance on the bee-killing agent and quickly run for cover as they will most likely emerge from the hive. This process will need to be done for several mornings. When bees are no longer congregating around the hive, knock it from its location into a garbage bag and dispose of it with the next scheduled trash pick-up.

Consider Hiring A Pest Control Service Or Find A Beekeeper To Remove The Hive

If spraying the hive yourself makes you nervous, or if you are allergic to bees and you cannot risk doing the job on your own, consider finding another party to do the job instead. If you know of a beekeeper in your area, they can be asked to remove the hive to use the bees for honey-making purposes. If you want the hive removed fast, a pest control service can eradicate the bees and remove the hive within the same day. This may be the best option if you do not wish to have the children wait to utilize the school grounds. Contact a business, such as ASAP Bee Removal, for more information.   

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