Keeping Rodents From Becoming A Warehouse Nightmare

If you work in a warehouse where food products are stored, you will want to take the time to do rodent control procedures in an attempt to keep these creatures from contaminating your wares. Rodents can become a hassle if they are not eliminated from the area quickly, causing for failed inspections and loss of merchandise as a result. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your warehouse remains mouse and rat-free.

Keep The Area Well-Lit

Mice and rats tend to hunker down in areas where dark shadows are present, making it very important to increase the light within your warehouse during nighttime hours in an attempt to help deter them from the area. Make sure your ceiling lights are all in working order and turn them on when employees are ready to leave for the day. 

Position Your Products Away From Walls

Instead of stacking boxes of your products along walls where mice and rats tend to use as walkways, place them in the middle of your facility. Since they are within view of employees, rodents would be noticed easier than if the products were in far corners away from the activity of the workday. Place any boxes to be shipped on pallets so rodents are not as likely to try gnawing their way inside the enclosures.

Evaluate The Exterior Of The Building

If your warehouse has areas where the exterior walls are not secure, they will need to be repaired or patched to keep potential intruders from gaining entry to the building. Do an evaluation of the condition of the building and plug up any holes found with pieces of steel wool. Cover the wool with flashing and secure with caulk. If larger voids are found, call a contractor to replace panels of siding or wood as needed. Small cracks can simply be filled in with caulk.

Do Cleaning Procedures Daily To Mask Odor

If someone spills a food product on the floor of the warehouse, it should be immediately swept from the area and thrown away. Use a bleach-based detergent to clean down the floor in the area of the spill to help eliminate the smell of the product so mice and rats are less likely to try to get inside to eat the source of the odor. Make sure garbage receptacles and dumpsters are kept a good distance away from the warehouse building so pests are not close enough to see the structure.

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