3 Ways To Keep Mice Out Of Your House Without Killing Them

No one wants mice running wild in their home. They can chew up your clothes, spread feces in the closets and under your bed, and are just all-around unwelcome guests. Even if you're the type of person who doesn't want to kill them by laying out poison or lethal traps, you still have options to keep the rodents out of your home. Below are three things you should do in combination. Two methods are designed to help keep the mice away, and the third is designed to capture any rodents that manage to break in or those stowaways that are already in the house.

Peppermint Oil Cotton Balls

One way to deter mice is by using peppermint oil. Mice are supposed to be averse to the smell of peppermint oil, so by soaking cotton balls in the oil and shoving them in crevices around your home, it can deter the mice. You will need to get peppermint oil, not the fresh herb peppermint. The oil has the intense smell, which is what you need to keep the mice away. If you prefer, you can get peppermint oil and put it into a spray bottle and spray it around the corners and crevices of your home. If ,for instance, you have mice running behind your stove and don't feel comfortable moving the stove, then you can fill up a spray bottle and spray the floor and wall behind the stove. The smell will eventually fade, so this is something you should do once a month.

Copper Mesh To Fill Gaps And Entrance Spots

One way to stop the mice from running around your home is to block their entrances. You can do this by filling in cracks and crevices around floor trim with copper mesh wool. This is superior to steel wool because steel wool rusts. Buy the copper mesh and shove it deep into the cracks. If you like, you can then caulk over the opening. The reason to shove the copper mesh in first is that mice can sometimes chew through latex caulk, so back-filling the hole with copper is a great way to prevent them from getting to the caulk.

Non-Lethal Traps

If there are mice already in the home, then you need to trap them to get and put them outside. You should look for someone who will come and install non-lethal traps. These are cages that trap the mice inside and don't kill them. The mouse will enter the cage in order to get a piece of bait (cheese or peanut butter) located at the end of the cage. When the mouse steps  on a lever in the middle of the cage the front gate springs shut. It doesn't kill the mouse; it only blocks them from exiting the cage. The person who places the traps around your home will come around and relocate the mice to a park or nearby wooded area. Contact a pest control professional, like, http://www.craigandsons.com, for more help.

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