6 Steps To Take To Keep Pests At Bay This Summer

If you had unwanted insects and animals around your house last summer, you can take proactive steps this summer to keep pests at bay and away from your home. Here are six steps you can take to protect your home from pests this summer.

Use Crushed Rocks Around Your Flower Beds

If you typically put mulch around your flower beds, consider switching up the materials that you put on your flower beds to make them look nice. Mulch, although it looks nice, can also attract a lot of bugs to your flower beds. Instead, put crushed rocks around your flower beds instead. It will give you the same polished look without attracting bugs.

Keep Soil Away From Your Home

As you do your gardening and prepare the flower beds and bushes around your home, keep soil pushed back from your home's siding. Do not put down fresh soil right next to your home. This can attract bugs. Instead, use crushed rocks right next to your home. Try to give around a foot of room or so between your home and any new soil that you lay down. 

Clean Your Gutters

Make sure that you remove all waste from your gutters. If you don't clean your gutters, the debris that gets left behind can attract pests to your roof. To keep the critters away, clean your gutters or pay your local roofing company to do so.

Remove Plant Coverage From Your Home's Foundation

Pests can easily hide out in the plant coverage that rests against your home. Prune back all plant coverage so that you home's foundation is not covered with plants. This will give pests of all sizes fewer places to hide and hang out around your home. Being able to see your home's foundation will also allow you to more easily spot and fill cracks in your foundation, where pests could gain entry into your home.

Keep Trash Sealed & Away From Your Home

Keep the lid on your trash can at all times, and locate your trash can as far away from your house as you can. If your trash can lid tends to fly off or get pried off by animals, use bungee cords to keep your lid in place.

Cover Up All Food Inside Your House

Finally, make sure that you cover all food inside of your house. If you typically leave things like cereal on your countertops, put them inside of a sealed plastic container in the summer time or a sealed plastic bag. Seal up all the food in your house, and promptly clean up after you eat.

If you implement the steps above, you should be able to cut down on pests this winter. Contact a business, such as Hadley Termite & Pest Control Inc, for more information.   

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