Follow These Tips To Protect Your Home From Bedbugs

Bedbugs can invade your home in many ways and once they get in, they can take over. As the name implies, they are often found in your bed and you will find evidence of them from itchy bites on areas of your body such as your legs, as well as from their droppings on your sheets and other places. Fortunately, you can take action to prevent these horrible insects from invading your home. Below are three tips to help you do this.


If you travel, you can bring bedbugs home with you if the hotel you stayed in was infested with them. They will get into your suitcases, and can even get on you without you knowing it. When you return home, immediately wash your clothes, including the ones that you are wearing before you walk through the rest of your home. Vacuum out the suitcases and any bags.

You may not think of it but bedbugs can come home in a book that you borrow from a library. Talk with the librarian to make sure they have not had this problem.

Protect Your Bedding

Wash and dry your sheets and comforters regularly. Purchase zip encasements for your box springs and mattress. You can also find pillow encasements. When purchasing the encasements, you should make sure the zippers have small teeth so the bedbugs will not be able to find their way through them. The zipper should securely close at the end. You can find encasements that are specifically made to prevent bedbugs. This way, if bedbugs do find their way into your home, at least they would not get into your bed.

Repair All Holes

Larger holes are obvious but there are smaller holes that you cannot see, and bedbugs can make their way through them. Look at all the baseboards and walls for any cracks or holes and use caulk to seal them up if you see any.

Look at the water pipes on the wall behind your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. If you notice even tiny holes, use some caulk.  In some cases, bedbugs can come in through electrical switches, such as a switch plate on the wall, so make sure all switch plates are screwed in tight.

If you think you may have bedbugs in your home, you should not try to treat the problem yourself. If what you do does not work, the bedbugs can multiply and you will end up with an even bigger problem. Contact a bedbug or cockroach exterminator in your area to get rid of them for you.

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