Mouse Stuck In Your Wall? Know How To Deal With It

Mice can crawl through the smallest of spaces, so it is no surprise that they will find their way to get into your home. Unfortunately, this means a mouse can get trapped places where you normally cannot get to. If you notice a scratching sound coming from inside a wall in your home, chances are that there is a mouse inside causing trouble. Here are some steps for dealing with the mouse in your house.

Check Inside The Wall

If you want confirmation that a mouse is trapped inside a wall, you'll need to drill some holes. Take off the baseboard along the bottom of the wall and drill some tiny holes in them. It only needs to be big enough to fit a small borescope camera in it to see what is going on inside. If you do see a mouse crawling around in there, you need to find a way to lure him out.

Lure The Mouse Out

Now that you have some tiny holes at the bottom of the wall, you've created a space where a mouse can fit through. A mouse can actually fit through a space no bigger than the diameter of a pencil, which is about ¼ of an inch, so that should be enough to get the mouse to come out.

Place traps outside the hole with some food to lure the mouse out. If you are lucky, you'll trap the mouse before it can go back into the wall.

Deal With The Dead Mouse

There is a possibility that the mouse truly found itself trapped between your walls, which will cause the mouse to eventually die due to not having any food. This is going to cause a problem, because the mouse can smell quite bad as it starts to decompose.

You have two options for dealing with this. You can open up the wall to remove the dead carcass, or you can just let the body naturally decompose on its own. The former may not be very cost effective though. The carcass will take about one to two weeks to decompose, and during that time the body will smell horribly. It helps to use an odor[-]absorbing neutralant to help remove the smell during that time. The body will eventually decompose, and the smell will go away on its own.

Seal The Gaps

If one mouse got in, it's possible that another mouse will get in eventually. Hire a pest control company to help seal up those tiny gaps around your home where the mouse could have gotten inside.

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