Tips For Keeping Mice Out Of Your Boat

When you're an avid boater, taking care of your boat while it's in the water is always a priority. However, if you store your boat on land when it's not in use — for example, on a trailer parked in your backyard — you'll also need to take steps to ensure the boat is protected from pests. On dry land, mice can pose a threat to the condition of your boat, getting inside and building nests, chewing upholstery and even gnawing through electrical wires. There are a number of different strategies that you can use to prevent mice from causing damage to your parked boat.

Don't Store Snacks In The Boat

It can be tempting to leave some snacks in your boat to avoid having to load them each time, but doing so will greatly increase the likelihood of attracting mice that will cause damage. Whenever you park your boat, make sure you remove not only any food leftovers, but also any dirty food containers that could attract mice. Go the extra step of making sure there are no crumbs on the floor of the boat, too, as even small crumbs can draw pests to the boat.

Leave Mothballs Throughout The Boat

While you can consider placing mousetraps inside the boat to kill any mice that get inside, this can be problematic because the bait on the traps can attract more mice than the traps can kill. A better solution is to place mothballs in several areas of the boat. The strong scent that mothballs produce is a natural deterrent to mice. It will repel them and you won't have to deal with the hassle of constantly resetting your traps — and dealing with dead mice. Place the mothballs in multiple areas throughout the boat, including near the motor to discourage mice from trying to get inside the motor.

Invest In A Zippered Cover

You're likely already covering your boat while it's parked, but if you're doing so with a traditional domed boat cover, you aren't doing all you can to keep mice out. The problem with domed covers is that there is space between the domes. Even when the cover is taut, there's a chance that mice can squeeze their way through the gaps and into your boat. A better strategy is to invest in a zippered cover. This style of cover zips shut around the entire perimeter of the boat, much like a large backpack, which can be more effective at keeping pests out.

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