3 Reasons To Utilize Non-Repellent Termite Control Options

One of the most common means of treating termites is to deal with them before they actually get into your home. In order to accomplish this, pest control services will often utilize one of two basic options: repellent and non-repellent termiticides. While repellent options are often quite effective, non-repellent termiticides can provide a range of benefits that repellents simply cannot match. Listed below are three reasons to utilize a non-repellent termite control option.

Eliminates Termite Population

One of the biggest issues with repellent termiticides is that they really do nothing to affect the termite population on your property. The repellent termiticide will simply keep the termites out of your home and kill any termites that enter the treated areas.

However, a non-repellent termiticide does not actually kill the termite outright. Instead, it will infect the termite so that the infected termite carries the termiticide back to the colony. At that point, the colonies can become infected and die off, which can greatly reduce the termite population in your yard.

Prevents Entry

A major problem that you will run into when using repellent termiticide options is that it can be very difficult for the pest control service to completely seal off the soil around your home. When a repellent termiticide is applied to the soil, the termite can often detect the repellent and move along until a gap is found. When this happens, the termites can simply utilize that gap in the protection to gain access to your home and do a lot of damage.

However, a non-repellent termiticide will not be affected as much by a gap in the protection as termites cannot detect the chemical in the soil. This means that they will not look for a gap and simply tunnel into the chemicals, become infected by the termiticide, and die off. 

No Need For Interior Treatments

Finally, a major benefit to non-repellent termiticide is that it can control termite populations without the need for interior termite treatments. This is a great benefit because it means that you do not have to worry about chemicals being used within your home where they could potentially affect you and your family. In addition, the lack of interior treatments means that you do not have to be present for the pest control service to deal with the termites, which is more convenient for you.

Contact a pest control service today in order to have your home inspected if you suspect that there are termites in your home or yard. When controlling the termite population, non-repellent termiticides are a great option because they can eliminate the termite population near the home, effectively prevent termites from entering the home, and do not require interior treatments. To find out more, speak with someone like Tri-County Termite & Pest Control.

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