Summer Entertaining: 3 Ways To Make Pests Buzz Off

Between gorgeous weather and time off from school and work, the summer months are the ideal time to gather your friends and family for some fun. Unfortunately, the summer is also the time when some of the most dangerous pests are swarming. Recently, the World Health Organization released warnings about the Zika virus becoming a real threat to those traveling within specific regions of the world, and bed bugs remain a continuing threat throughout the United States. As you make your summer entertainment plans, use these strategies to prevent the most dangerous pests from invading your home.

Remove Standing Water

The Illinois Department of Health has deemed mosquitoes to be the most dangerous creature on the earth due to the millions of people who die every year from mosquito-transmitted illnesses. From malaria to West Nile, these tiny insects can carry some of the deadliest diseases. In fact, mosquitos are also responsible for transmitting heartworms to dogs. You can do your part to help your community's mosquito control efforts by removing any standing water around your home, and be sure to report large swarms to a professional who can use more advanced techniques for mosquito removal.

Avoid Hitchhiking Guests

Bed bug infestations tend to increase during the summer months due to people traveling more often. Be sure to carefully inspect hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs such as black or brown specks around the mattress seams, and always wash your clothing in hot water when you return home. At home, you can prevent houseguests from bringing in bed bugs by using mattress covers and carefully inspecting your linens after the guests leave. If you do find evidence of a possible infestation, then it is important to have the area treated since bed bugs control is most effective when an infestation is caught early.

Guard Against Stinging Insects

Few things can ruin an outdoor summer party like a swarm of wasps. Not only are their stings painful, but they can also trigger life-threatening allergies in certain people. Like mosquitoes, wasps are attracted to water so be especially cautious around swimming areas. Keeping fruit trees and sweet-smelling plants away from your entertaining areas can also help with wasp pest control.

This summer, make sure pests never interrupt your outdoor parties by making it a point to conduct regular inspections of your home. If you do discover an infestation, use caution since things like removing nests for wasp pest control can get dangerous. By using a combination of do-it-yourself prevention strategies and a professional pest control technician's techniques, you can plan a pest-free summer event that every guest can enjoy (for more information, go to this website).

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