3 Tips To Stop Groundhogs From Hoggin' Your Garden

Are groundhogs hogging your garden? Don't let these voracious mammals eat your plants. Stand up for your vegetation. Use the three tips below to let groundhogs know that they don't have to go home, but they can't stay in your garden!

1. Reduce Your Garden's Hog Appeal

Plentiful food, abundant water, protective shelter -- no wonder groundhogs love gardens. If your garden has lush vegetation and plenty of natural food, it's likely acting as a veritable groundhog utopia. This is what you don't want if you dislike groundhogs calling your garden home.

Turn your yard into a groundhog nightmare instead. Start by trimming foliage that protects groundhogs from predators. Next, pull vegetables and other edibles as soon as you can. Finally, use as little water as possible to maintain your garden (the less water groundhogs have to drink, the better).

2. Learn The Art Of Trapping

If limiting food, water, and protection fails to keep groundhogs out of your garden, you'll need to take more drastic measures -- it's time to go trappin'.

Trapping is effective and fun! Think of it as going fishing (catch and release, of course).

To get started, purchase a groundhog trap with a spring-loaded door. Groundhogs don't like the scent of humans, so clean the trap well and use gloves when handling the device.

Place the trap in your garden near the groundhog burrows. Next, place peaches, sweet corn, or strawberries in the trap. Finally, cover the trap with nearby foliage. This step is important because groundhogs, though temperamental, are quite intelligent -- and they won't enter the trap if it looks suspicious.

So take your time, and do your best to make the trap blend in with your garden.

3. Fence Them Out

If after trapping groundhogs, more keep entering your garden, you may need to block them with a fence. Nothing says "You're not welcome" quite like a fence. It's a straightforward and effective solution to your groundhog troubles.

So erect a fence around your garden. Rent one if you have to. It'll keep the groundhogs out and save your crops for another day.

Being the temperamental creatures they are, groundhogs really know how to hog and destroy a garden. When you find groundhogs in your garden, you can -- and should -- remove them quickly by following the above tips. And if you're limited on time (or patience), call a pest control expert, like Ram Pest Management, LLC, who can take care of the problem for you.

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