Sneaky Reasons Rodents Like To Hide Out In The Crawlspace Of Your Home

You could spend a lot of time and money making sure there are no pests inside of your house, from setting traps to using chemical deterrents. However, when it comes to rodent control, you have to look at your property as a whole and build a barrier of protection in all exterior aspects as well, especially the crawlspace. The crawlspace is often disregarded by homeowners who are dealing with a rodent issue, but this is one area where rodents love to hang out. There are several sneaky reasons why these pests will make their way into the crawlspace of your home if you are not careful. 

The crawlspace of your home is often a moist area with an adequate water supply.

Beneath your home where the ground lies away from the sunlight, moisture that makes its way inside will likely stick around. The ground will be moist and considered a rich water supply for rodents, such as field mice and rats, looking for a good place to hang out. Of course, there are things you can do to eliminate moisture issues beneath your home, such as installing a vapor barrier system that prevents excess water vapor and blocking exterior ventilation where moisture may be making its way in. 

The crawlspace is mostly reserved and private. 

There is hardly ever anything at all going on in the crawlspace of your house unless you are having some sort of work done. This means that the area is quiet, reserved, and mostly out of sight. Therefore, timid rodents who are looking for a good place to hide away will often find shelter in this area. This is especially true when it comes to possums or raccoon. You may think that these pests may be scared away by the noise in the house overhead, but in most cases, these animals will not mind the noise as long as no one shows up. This is one reason why keeping your crawlspace completely sealed is an important pest control measure. Have damages repaired immediately and keep screens over air vents in the foundation. 

Your home's crawlspace allows easy access to food supplies. 

A rodent looking for an ideal place to make a home for himself will be considering three main things: access to water, privacy, and proximity to a good supply of food. Being under your home means that a rodent can come out to find food just about any time, whether it is from the trash you take out everyday or the pet food you set on the porch for your dog or cat. To take control of a rodent issue, keeping all food supplies tucked away is important. Use locking lids on trash and never feed your pets any more than what you know they will eat at one setting. 

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